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Placing Classified Ads

Members of AGSS are invited to place classified ads here.
Please limit ads to items originating from Gotland Sheep.  This includes sheep, lambs, fiber products, blankets, pelts, etc., but does not include commercial items depicting Gotland sheep.
There are two types of ad:

1.)  Banner Ads:  These long, narrow ads are designed as an advertisement for your farm, and are intended to be page-width and approximately 1 inch tall. They will appear at the top of the blog. They contain your farm name, contact info, and information on general products that you carry (for example fleeces and breeding animals).
Banner ads will run for 3 months and cost $25

2.) Classified Ads:  These are small ads for a specific product and may contain one small photograph and a written description and contact information.  They will be organized by state and country.
Classified ads cost $10/month and can be renewed monthly or purchased for several months at a time.

AGSS will not format or edit ads; please submit them as you wish them to appear.

TO SUBMIT AN AD:  Please e-mail your ad submission to our Secretary at:  Once the ad has been approved an invoice will be e-mailed to you, and will be payable to our PayPal account or via a mailed check.  Once your payment is received your ad will be published on this page in a timely manner.

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